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EZOrderLink offers partnerships

If you have a non competitive product or service and wish to partner with EZOrderLink we offer incentives to make it happen.  If your are an EDI development group and need access to powerful dll's to simplify your EDI development we can partner as a middleware provider with powerful EDI libraries to accelerate your time to market.

Summer deals are going to be hot!

Partnering with EZOrderLink is always a great idea but especially in the summer months when Netsuite rolls out renewals and supply chains begin the ramp up for season.  Drop and line and introduce your company and let us know what type of partnership fits your business model.

How do I partner with EZOrderLink

Partnering with EZOrderLink can be a percentage deal, link back or referral program depending on what fits your model best.  Companies must have a proven successful background and not be in a direct competitive market as EZOrderLink to enter referral or link-back agreements.  We do not sell data or analytics, our products and services are intended for data exchange only.

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