GDPR (EU) 2016/679 effective May 25 2018

 As a global data processor, EZOrderLink has many European clients.  In our core processing procedures, personal data is limited to ship to addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.  This data is not housed by EZOrderLink but transferred to and from Netsuite, QuickBooks or any number of eCommerce sites providing sales or fulfilment feeds on behalf of our clients.  EZOrderLink never sells or provides data for data mining operations or analytics engines for trends analysis or other non sales procedures.  Once data has been transmitted there is no database or backend system on our servers that stores that information.  Therefore we are only in possession of that data at the time of transmission.  Transmissions controlled by EZOrderLink are all encrypted thru https, SSL, AS2 certificates or other encryption methods depending on the trading partner or eCommerce site.  In specific cases when our clients commission us to retain data for their own use such as forecasting or projections, we tokenize said data in full compliance with GDPR guidelines.

It is our suggestion to reach out to Netsuite and your individual eCommerce sites and trading partners to ensure they are also in compliance since these locations are actually in possession of customer data and may need to tokenize records to offer full compliance.   

Two factor authentication

Please note by defualt two factor authentication is not supported by Netsuite through the typical web service login.  Changing your Netsuite account to enforce two factor authentication will break your integration.  If you plan on enforcing two factor authentication please contact EZOrderLink so we can scope the impact on your automated integrations and implement the appropriate changes required to allow web service connections to work as intended.

TLS 1.2 is it finally ready?

Back in 2016 Netsuite announced the deprecation of TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 and a mandate for all connections to utilize TLS 1.2.  Although no hard date was published, EZOrderLink invested heavily in new hardware as well as new software for our entire server farm.  Later in 2017 the requirement was again published by Netsuite only this time a deadline was set for Sept 2017.  That date came and went and no migration or deprecation of older TLS protocols occurred.  Finally in Oct of 2017 another date was set and this time although not specifically mentioning TLS several TLS ciphers were being deprecated.  Solutions Developing Partners were asked to test their systems in the Netsuite sandbox environment to ensure integrations would run under these new requirements.  Funny thing, we ran both old and new systems against the sandbox accounts and it appeared Netsuite had not restricted those accounts to enforce TLS 1.2.  Therefore no productive testing resulted.  It was after Oracle's acquisition of Netsuite was completed in Nov 2017 we began seeing notices of the TLS 1.2 requirement published.  With hard dates and intermittent switching of production accounts we were finally able to test the new requirement.  We still get asked if this will affect an account from time to time.  Rest assured EZOrderLink will not be affected by this new requirement and in fact have been waiting for Netsuite to finalize this requirement since 2016 when first announced.

EZOrderLink May 2018 promotions

If you follow us on Facebook or visit this site you've probably seen our awesome May special.  As a thank you to all of our customers, we have offered a coupon good through the end of May 2018 for all full automation integrations.  This special coupon is valid on our site for a 50% discount on select Netsuite full automation integrations.  If you are adding to your EDI lineup or opening a new eCommerce connection this is a great time to sign on.  Hurry, this is a limited time offer.