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Sales or purchase order workflows with ship confirmation, invoicing and product update feeds are all included in our standard automation systems.  EZOrderLink offers quality Netsuite connectors for Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Walmart, Target, Sears, Shopify, Wayfair and a hundreds of others.    Increase efficiency while reducing errors!  

Inventory Sync

EZOrderLink can be mapped to automate your price and quantity feeds from QuickBooks, Netsuite or your own custom feeds to create a seamless integration between you and your trading partner.  Keep your suppliers, vendors and customers up to date with your latest price and quantity changes all with full automation. 

EDI for Netsuite

EZOrderLink offers top shelf EDI for any industry or supply channel workflow with Netsuite.  Custom EDI integrations as well as all standards for automotive, pharmaceutical, health care, insurance which all have very specific and unique EDI challenges.  Whether you are connecting a single trading partner or connecting your entire enterprise multi sales channels, EZOrderLink offers an affordable solution. 

Cloud Hosting

Our optional hosting allows you to seamlessly connect from a cloud instance of EZOrderLink.  Our server farms are monitored throughout the day and all updates, maintenance and backups are handled by a team dedicated to extend constant up-time. 

What marketplaces can EZOrderLink sync with Netsuite?

EZOrderLink can connect to any eCommerce site or trading partner that supports integration.  We still continue to develop new maps everyday and have for years.  Some of our more popular integrations include Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Wayfair, Target, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot and Sears.  If we don't have your maps already, we'll do them for the same price as a pre-mapped marketplace.  This includes custom fields and records in Netsuite as well as all the automation to complete your workflow.


Our extensive library not only includes mappings but actual partnerships with many in the eCommerce space.  EZOrderLink is a solutions developing partner for eBay, Intuit, QuickBooks, Amazon and Netsuite and more.  We have developed many trading partner associations over the years and continue to grow our partnerships today.

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EZOrderLink Pro Edition - Full automation. Includes full automation scheduler as well as manual processes for all functions defined. Bidirectional communication with your trading partner and Netsuite.  Customer Records, Sales Order Records, Ship Confirmations and Product Quanity and Price updates are includes in this integration. This is for a 1 to 1 document system.  For Split Document systems add 1000.00 usd.  Formatted mapping can be XML, flat file, EDI (850's, 855's, 856's, 810's, 997's) or any other format or API provided by each trading partner.  Use this solution on site or see our low cloud hosting service.   Include first year full support services.

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