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What is best for me? Hosted vs. On-Site

Our extensive server farm hosts many EZOrderLink apps and the transport layers necessary to connect with trading partners.  This is a good fit for Netsuite users allowing a seamless connection between Netsuite and the trading partner or website.  On site instances of EZOrderLink are best with QuickBooks Desktop installations since the data is stored on the users computer.

What is EDI and can EZOrderLink automate EDI?

EDI stand for Electronic Data Interchange.  This can be loosely interpenetrated as any data exchange between systems.  In more strict sense EDI is a format for exchanging data that adheres to specific document requirements.  Documents are referred to by number such as the 850 for instance is an order, an 856 is an advanced ship notification.  There are many documents in the EDI collection and EZOrderLink can be configured to use any EDI workflow or set of documents.

How long does it take to get started

Simple integrations such as the Amazon-QuickBooks edition can be setup and running in a matter of minutes.  Can you imagine the time saved on typing in orders?  More complex or multi-channel installations can take a couple weeks.  A lot depends on the timeline of your trading partner.   Two weeks is our standard timeline for complex multi-channel bi-directional systems.

What about inventory control

Inventory feeds or EDI 846's can be run at intervals determined by you to keep your inventory up to date.  This process can work either direction, taking inventory from your back-end system such as Netsuite or QuickBooks and updating your eCommerce site such as Amazon for instance.  Conversely you can set up to bring Amazon quantities back down into QuickBooks or Netsuite.  Even standalone systems can be hooked to the process if you're not using your ERP back-end system for inventory.  Call for more information.

Can EZOrderLink connect with my 3PL

EZOrderLink can connect to your 3PL if they offer any type of data exchange.  This can be accomplished through FTP, SFTP, HTTPS, Web Services, API, AS2 servers and more!  Connecting to your 3PL can streamline your workflow and help keep accurate inventory counts when things are moving fast!

Does EZOrderLink have a guarantee

All of our mappings and automations are completely guaranteed.  We have over 30 years in the integration business and have been solutions providers for several backed systems and countless eCommerce and supply chain entities.  We have mature full featured systems for QuickBooks Pro and Enterprise users as well as a rich collection of maps for the Netsuite users.  

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